e² LEGO® Bricks Camps Experiences

Schools may be out for the summer, but learning doesn’t have to be


Young Engineers e² LEGO® bricks camps are an exciting experience for participants of all ages. We encourage continued learning all year round. Our various camp programs offer our exclusive edutainment (education + entertainment) experience. We offer three types of access to our e² camp experience:

e² fun day @ your Camp 

e² sessions @ Your Camp

e² Camps

e² Day @ Your Camp

We offer a revolutionary idea for summer camps. We can offer a one day unforgettable experience for your campers. Our trained staff will arrive at your camp all geared up for the day.
Our trained staff will run a LEGO® bricks workshop for campers of all ages. Our program consists of learning STEM and building models that move using LEGO® bricks. Young Engineers LEGO® day at camp can also just be a cool special day to add to your summer calendar. Contact our representatives to discuss ways we can tailor our e² Young Engineers LEGO® programs for the needs of you camp and campers.


e² sessions @ Your Camp

We offer a camp that runs alongside your program. This means that we can run it as long as your camp is on for. Our trained staff will arrive all geared up and ready to give your campers an experience they will never forget. Our campers learn STEM while building LEGO® bricks models. Our camps are tailored to your schedule and we endeavor to meet your needs. We work with campers of all ages and all learning abilities.
Contact our representatives to hear about how we can make your camp exciting…


Many of our e² Young Engineers franchisees offer a 1-2 week camp experience. Our camps are exciting and fun as we learn STEM through building LEGO® bricks models. Our campers have a great time, meet new friends and learn exciting scientific principles through cool experiments. Our curriculum is set up to suit the needs of the camp.

Contact our representatives to find an e² Young Engineers camp near you.


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